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Ogni Suono engages with national and international communities by conducting outreach in various forms. Through performances, workshops, presentations, and Q&A sessions the duo has covered topics such as free improvisation, saxophone history, collaboration, and extended techniques. By exploring these areas with children, students, and adults of all ages, we hope to encourage musical discovery through both performance and listening. 

Previous Outreach Events:


Performance & presentation - Orlat Orphanage, Orlat, Romania

Performance & presentation - School of Arts & Enterprise, Pomona, CA

Performance & fundamentals workshop - Sun Prairie High School, Sun Prairie, WI
Performance & presentation - Oaknoll Retirement Community, Iowa City, IA 
Improvisation workshop - City High School, Iowa City, IA
Improvisation workshop - South East Junior High School, Iowa City, IA
Improvsation with found objects workshop - The Iowa Children's Museum, Iowa City, IA
Collaboration in new music - University of Houston, Houston, TX  
Extended techniques & fundamentals workshop - Western University, London, ON, Canada 
Performance & presentation - Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Chicago, IL
Extended techniques & fundamentals workshop - Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Extended techniques & fundamentals workshop - Rajabhat University, Songkhla, Thailand

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